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"Hikari Purple" is popular in this spring

April 10, 2021


Machine installation one by one, line by line, set up new factory, Update equipment……


In the spring of 2021, it is indeed different for the garment industry. It is very urgent to catch market request. Updating equipment or opening new lines is a race against time.


Regarding this scene, “Hikari Purple” had seized the market from dots to lines and to range at final, make a huge effective in this spring. Hikari new equipment with technology, as installment under Hikari service team opening an effective sewing mode, and becoming a beautiful scenery in the workshop.  


“Old user updated Hikari new equipment” 、 “Hikari Purple replace other brand”、 “Workshop are filled with Hikari Purple”…… All the pic of “Hikari Purple” were share in the friend Moments, incoming more and more pic of “Hikari Purple”. All the video for installment day and night were share in the friend Moments, incoming more and more competition video for installment speed.


As the creative of computerized overlock, Hikari improve the sewing effective use new technician, leading sewing equipment become less operators or no operators, “One stitch and One seam” become digitizing regarding “Hikari IoT”, Build digital and smart factories use technological strength. “Hikari Purple” had blooming here and there in Chinese market, and of cause will blooming to overseas market through “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, “Hikari Purple” not only get great achievement in big group company but also show more competitiveness during competition with other famous sewing brands.


亚洲 高清 成人 动漫